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Posted 2/18/2009

TRANSMODERN BENEFIT The sixth annual Transmodern festival hits Baltimore April 2-5 at the H&H Building, and the fifth floor of the venerable artists' space/multi-purpose exhibition venue hosts a benefit for Charm City's youngest off-the-map creativity celebration Feb. 21, featuring a smorgasbord of performance, music, and the ineffable--including Dan Breen's burlesque flea circus. Visit for more details.

STREET ART The Baltimore Skateboard Park sponsors a street-art show Feb. 20. Titled The Catz Pajamaz, it features art works from Billymode, Bret Burnham, Mike Lyne, Deka, Scott Russell, Stefan Ways, Jennie Penny, Joe Ride, Jazirock, Chris Smith, and more, with music provided by Minlus and McCracken, Bad Habit, and Smart Growth, and a "freakshow" from the Scarborough Sideshow. Visit for more details.

OPENINGS --a group show featuring Baltimore and Chicago artists curated by Karin Patzke and Carrie Ruckel--opens Feb. 20 at School 33 with a 6-9 p.m. reception. Fantastical Imaginings--a traveling show Laylah Ali, Amy Cutler, Serena Perrone, Hiro Sakaguchi, among others--opens Feb. 19 at Maryland Art Place with a 6 p.m. reception Feb. 27. The Maryland Federation of Art's Member Showcase II opens Feb. 22 with a 3-5 p.m. reception and features mixed-media works from 12 artists. Local artist Adam Estes' Disjointed opens Feb. 18 with a 7 p.m. reception at Joe Squared. And A Circus Family: Picasso to Léger--a large-scale show devoted to circus-inspired works from the likes of Pablo Picasso, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Natalia Goncharova, and Otto Dix--opens at the Baltimore Museum of Art Feb. 22.

LAST CHANCE Megan Hildebrandt and Christine Sajecki's The Rumors Are True closes at the Creative Alliance at the Patterson Feb. 21.

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