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The Ad

By Cynthia Gaver | Posted 9/5/2001

When Jenny wrote a personal ad,
she ran it for three weeks
and left a tasteful, clever message
detailing what she seeks--

a man who likes the finer things,
who has an education,
a careful connoisseur of love,
with tempered imagination.

Well into voice mail twenty-seven
she heaved a heavy sigh--
too old, too young, too eager, too married
and three who sounded high.

Among the twenty-seven callers,
she narrowed it to two--
a doctor quoting poetry,
an engineer named Lou.

The doctor appeared with a large head
that sat on a tiny neck.
He gabbed and wagged and recited his writing
while Jenny paid the check.

Lou wore his best baggy pants
and talked accents and class.
Lou guessed her blue-collar origins
and smirked and tipped his glass.

After Jenny trashed the personals,
she picked up her favorite pen
and smiled at her half-written book:
"Alone, at last, again."

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