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Report From Athens Mental Hospital

By Cheri L. Miller | Posted 4/11/2001

I've ripped a piece of scarf with my teeth, which I plan to use

for a patch to cover my eye. I just need to find something

to hold it in place.

I don't like seeing the ugly, black reminder

every time I walk by a mirror. The whole area around my eye is sore,

bruised-up, blue-black. And that nose bone hurts something awful.

Don't you think yours would, if somebody,

a fancy doctor, even one lower on the food chain than yourself,

positioned an ice pick at the top

corner of your eye, and drove it into your damned head?

He'd get mad at me for saying something like that. Dr. Rabbit.

Here he comes! I've got to stay on the ball,

keep myself from laughing, or he'll write in his book

that I'm not improving.

A straight face. Stand tall with a straight face.

But look how silly he is! A big, whiskery

rabbit face on a man's body.

"Good morning Doctor." Good morning you stupid rabbit!

I know they're testing me, but how am I supposed to not laugh?

A white rabbit in a white coat!

"Good morning Mrs. ______. And what

do we find so humorous this morning?"

Can you believe that?

The outright ridiculousness of it?

A big, furry face with whiskers that keep twitching,

and he's asking me what's so funny!

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