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Zine Pool

By Melanie Scott | Posted 9/2/1998

As a zine reviewer, I read a lot of stuff that's gross, depraved, and antisocial. So why am I so depressed by Freakie Magnet, the zine for cereal-box collectors? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that in this universe of poverty and suffering, people are spending hundreds of dollars on plastic Count Chocula trinkets. Or maybe it's because I'm disgusted by baby boomers who feel they must constantly relive their childhoods by making sure they have the exact same Woody Woodpecker bowl and spoon they owned in second grade. But if you can't get a life, you might want to check it out.

And speaking of weird-ass stuff, here's another sexual-fetish zine to add to your collection: The Yankee Clipper. It's for guys who get off on baldheaded women--especially if they can watch the women get shaved. (Yes Virginia, there are shaving videos available, as well as nearly 20 Web sites.) I was ready to write this preference off to, "Hey, to each their own," until I read a letter in the zine suggesting baldie fans stop contributing to cancer research because it could lead to fewer bald women in the world. The zine's editor recommends contributing to other causes instead. Apparently the thought that a lot of these women are dying due to the lack of scientific knowledge about cancer doesn't concern these people. ($10 for one issue [$12 for issues 1 through 5] or $50 for six issues to Stanley's Clipper, Suite 293, 61 E. Eighth St., New York, NY 10003. Make checks payable to Stanley's Clipper.)

Danzine is a really cool publication that tries to raise the consciousness of exotic dancers and sex workers. You won't get off reading this zine (unless you're a real horn-dog), but you will get a lot of information on how to stay as safe as possible in a dangerous world. For example, one dancer talks about being flown to Japan with promises of making big bucks, only to find that she could barely afford the ticket home. There's also info about the correct way to reduce your health risk if you're an intravenous drug user, how to handle pregnancy while trying to hold down a job in the sex industry, and news of the first unionized exotic-dancer's club. There's also a lot of info specifically for sex workers in Danzine's home base of Portland, Ore., such as which clubs are the safest to work in. All in all it's a fascinating look at a job few of us know much about. ($3, 625 S.W. 10th Ave., #233B, Portland, OR 97205; [503] 234-9615; www.e-znet/~danzine.)

Mole, a zine written by several people in Baltimore-Washington area, offers a mixture of high intellect (stuff about situationism I can't even pretend to understand) to low humor (the story of a girl whose claim to fame is being able to pee standing up). Bonus: It features a picture of the guy with whom I had the creepiest date ever. Thank God he's still apparently living far from me. Worth checking out for local artsy types. ($4 for a single issue, P.O. Box 2482, Merrifield, VA 22116; e-mail:

Factsheet Five, the premier zine-review publication that features hundreds of entries, is again up for sale. Editor R. Seth Friedman says he's in negotiations with a new editor and publisher, but there's no telling when or if F5 will hit the newsstand again. So go out and buy issue 64 while it's still on the shelves. It might be a long wait before issue 65.

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