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Eats and Drinks

Best Greek Restaurant


600 Oldham St., (410) 675-5292

Posted 9/19/2001

We're so glad this Greektown workhorse remodeled recently. Before the makeover, we had little hope of finding a free table on any night of the week. The place is bigger now, but we still have to wait, unless we go early. We don't wait long, though, and there's a comfy bench where we can sit and bide our time. From there, we can smell the platters as they are whisked past us and anticipate the pleasures to come. Start us off with the shrimp-and-feta pie--a meal in itself--then move us along to a succulent souvlaki or a creamy moussaka . . . no, wait. Start us off with the eggplant salad and the stuffed grape leaves, then move us along to the fried calamari or the baby lamb chops . . . no, wait . . .

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All Awards for Samos:

Best Greek Restaurant, 9/16/2009

Best Greek Restaurant, 9/20/2006

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Best Greek Restaurant, 9/17/2003

Best Service, 9/19/2001

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