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Eats and Drinks

Best Lesbian Bar

The Hippo for Ladies Tea

1 W. Eager St., (410) 576-0018,

Posted 9/19/2001

Before all of you Coconuts regulars get feisty on us, read on. We know the Hippo is not exclusively a lesbian bar, but on the first Sunday of the month it's the only place to be if you're a gal who digs gals. We're talking about quantity, more women than you could possibly shake your booty at. Sure, you can walk into Gallagher's, Coconuts, and Port in a Storm on any given night and hang with the women, but they're all more pubs than dance bars and simply can't offer the massive, wall-to-wall estrogen fest that the Hippo puts on. Women come from all over the region just to get a groove on at Sunday Tea. And with the growing popularity of the dance event Venus Envy the following Friday, more women are starting to mingle at the Hippo at other times too. This year there has been a trend to the return of ladies' nights at other bars (Allegro, Quest). Although we really do like exclusively women's bars, we encourage you to support mixed queer spaces too. Bars make business decisions, and if you don't attend events, they're gone--and so is some more diversity.

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