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Best Park

Druid Hill Park

2600 Madison Ave., (410) 396-0730,

Posted 9/21/2005

Talk about a bad rap—Druid Hill Park gets slandered more than Bill Clinton. The unfair reputation most likely comes from the early days of integration, when white segregationists declared the place unsafe for their women. Druid Hill Park, however, is considered by those in the know (can you say cops?) to be one of the city’s safest. It is also the first public park in Baltimore, the second-largest in the city, and one of the first to be racially integrated.

Besides the recently renamed Maryland Zoo, here’s what you get: 745 acres, a 1.25-mile car-free path around the reservoir, the newly renovated historic conservatory, the disc-golf course, eight historic picnic pavilions, a soccer field, a football field with lights, two basketball courts with lights, two volleyball courts, five baseball fields with lights, 17 tennis courts with lights (see Best Place to Play Tennis), several miles of roads (with some great steep hills) for cycling, jogging, and walking, three historic cemeteries, Druid Hill City Farm Gardens, Safety City, and an awesome public pool.

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