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Eats and Drinks

Best Restaurant for Vegetarians

The Yabba Pot

2433 St Paul St., (410) 662-8638; 771 washington blvd., (410) 962-8638;

Posted 9/21/2005

If you’re not a vegetarian, just take one trip to the Yabba Pot, and you will fall to your knees and repent your carnivorous ways. Not because you care about saving animals or saving your colon, but because the food at the Yabba Pot is so damned good. We’ve thought about planting a secret camera in Skai Davis’ kitchen, so we can finally find out how she makes tofu taste like teriyaki beef, and what she puts in those delicious Jamaican veggie patties. Oh, and what about those vegan quesadillas that make you forget about cheese entirely. How can you make a good quesadilla without cheese? Davis knows. And if you’re thinking about running down on St. Paul Street and buying up all of the quesadillas, Yabba Pot now has an additional location on Washington Boulevard, so you can go buy yours there and leave the goodies at the original location for us.

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Other Awards for Best Restaurant for Vegetarians:

Mr. Chan's, 9/16/2009

Golden West Café, 9/17/2008

One World Café, 9/19/2007

The Yabba Pot, 9/20/2006

The Helmand, 9/22/2004

Mango Grove, 9/17/2003

Mr. Chan Szechuan Restaurant, 9/18/2002

The Helmand, 9/13/2000

The Helmand, 9/15/1999

The Helmand, 9/18/1996

All Awards for The Yabba Pot:

Best Vegan Restaurant, 9/17/2008

Best Restaurant for Vegetarians, 9/20/2006

Best Cheap Vegetarian Restaurant, 9/22/2004

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