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Best Sno-ball


Joppa and Falls roads, Lutherville and 30 E. Padonia Road, Timoniu

Posted 9/21/2005

Outsiders tend to think that Maryland’s beloved summertime dessert is the same sugary slush wherever you go. But the natives know how disappointing a bad sno-ball can be: the ice isn’t shaved fine enough, there’s not enough flavor, the marshmallow’s dripped all over the outside of the cup, the stand went with cheap syrup, the ice at the bottom of the cup is all frozen together. Snoasis, on the other hand, effortlessly and speedily produces a gold-standard sno-ball every time—even right after school gets out, when the line is jammed with local middle- and high-school students. With 68 flavors, both old favorites and gourmet offerings, and reasonable prices (ranging from $1 to $2.75, plus 50 cents for some damn fine marshmallow), Snoasis is at the top of its game. They have discovered some miraculous means to make sno-balls creamy—try the White Russian, Vanilla Buttercream, or Cappuccino Blast—and yet still refreshing. Cherries Jubliee and Peach Melba are delicious fat-free alternatives to the real desserts, and the delectable Sweetart, unlike the candy, won’t coat your mouth with chalky sugar. It would be well worth it to spend 68 humid Baltimore afternoons trying every different flavor.

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