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Best Fried Chicken


Various Locations

Posted 9/21/2005

We’re not gonna heap florid superlatives upon the Tyrone’s experience. At the York Road location we frequent, we have to stoop down to the filmy plexi crimestopper bullet-resistant carousel to holler our order through to someone who looks tired, and usually a wee bit pissed off, but we’re only there for the chicken, so we don’t care. Plus, we can walk into Tyrone’s and order 100 pieces of fried chicken and nobody will blink an eye. Yeah, for the cheaptastic sum of around $50 we can get 100 pieces of fried chicken for our party, funeral, or wedding (to paraphrase the signage on the Tyrone’s trucks we’ve seen tooling around town). And nothing is more all-purpose than Tyrone’s festive, comforting, satisfying, lightly breaded, home-style fried chicken. Although Tyrone’s steps up with the side dishes—yams, mac and cheese, greens—all we really care about is the crispy, salty, greasy (in a good way) legs, wings, and that other piece, what is it, it’s not a breast. The back, the butt? Whatever. Just saying, if you want some nice, juicy, white-meat breast-action, you need to specify, and for around $1.50 each, they are totally worth it. But we’re still reeling from the fact that you can go to Tyrone’s and order 100 pieces of fried chicken. More is more, baby, and more cheap and tasty Tyrone’s fried chicken is the best.

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