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Eats and Drinks

Best Place to Eat Alone

Kyodai Rotating Sushi Bar

1 W. Pennsylvania Ave., Towson, (410) 339-7500

Posted 9/21/2005

We donít mind eating out all by our lonesome, mostly because weíre not so lonesome really. Going out and grabbing a nice meal by ourselves is a rare treat that we savor, the chance to have delicious food without having to make chitchat or worry about someone elseís dietary restrictions. We can eat as fast or as slow as we want and sample whatever tickles our fancy. What we donít like about eating alone is the pitying looks from other diners when they see the empty seat at our table or, even worse, the odd person who wants to keep us company.

Thatís why we find ourselves at Kyodai for so many of our solo dining expeditions. This Towson restaurant brings the rotating sushi-bar concept to our area. While you can order from sushi and Japanese cuisine menus, most patrons opt to sit around the massive rectangular sushi bar and watch as their favorite nigiri, sashimi, and maki makes its way around the conveyor belt. When your treat of choice gets to you, simply snatch it off the belt and enjoy. Itís instant sushi gratification. At the end of the meal your server simply adds up the price of the platesóyou can tell how much each dish costs by the color of the plate. Itís a recipe for dropping a lot of cash because itís hard to resist raw fish that spins right past your face. But it also provides free entertainment with your meal as you check out the offerings and try to grab your pick before someone else does. Will the eel make it to me or will that blond girl snag it? So you can go by yourself and leave solo-dining reading material at home. And because just about everybody sits at the sushi bar, you wonít look, or feel, like a table-for-one sad sack.

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