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Best Annual Hope to Put B more Hip-Hop “On the Map”

Bossman’s Virgin Records Deal

Jefferson Jackson Steele
Bossman (Center)

Posted 9/21/2005

Every year or two an MC pops up and appears to have the right mix of street cred, radio support, talent, and charisma to hold the King of Baltimore rap title. And with that title, onward charges Baltimore into the faces of national hip-hop heads, who still can’t find Charm City on a map. Each time the local hip-hop community gets as excited as a proud mama watching her son become the first in the family to go to college. B-Rich came close, Comp came even closer. And this year, Bossman—the most heavily spun local MC—rode the local success of his Law and Order debut and some impressive SoundScan reports throughout the region into a reported $1.5 million-plus deal with Virgin Records that has many hating and congratulating at the same time, leaving everybody waiting to find out if Bossman is the one.

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