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Best Irish Pub

J. Patrick's Irish Pub

1371 Andre St., (410) 244-8613

Posted 9/21/2005

Much love for any pub, Irish or otherwise, that has managed to maintain its local character and regular clientele in this age of rampant gentrification—especially one located in the skyrocketing real-estate market of Locust Point. Walk into J. Patrick’s on any night of the week and you’re just as likely to find some patrons with 10, 20, and 30 years on you—and none of ’em gives you the hairy eyeball. Personally, we’re all for hanging out with people not our age, because we’re kinda sick and tired of seeing young people all dressed in the same kinda clothes and ordering the same kinda drinks at every frigging watering hole we hit. Even better, J. Patrick’s has managed to establish the sort of character that only maturity fosters—the four- sided bar perfect for bellying up for convivial discussion and heated arguments, the hooks just inside the door for hanging up the raincoat when it’s pouring outside, the Guinness on tap, and the John Powers behind the bar. Best of all, on special occasions the bartender might bust out a bottle of Midleton, an Irish whisky so fine it goes down like drawn butter. And since this stuff is too expensive to sell, on these very special occasions J. Patrick’s offers a shot of it gratis.

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