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Best Strip Joint

Two O'Clock Club

414 E. Baltimore St., (410) 783-2656

Posted 9/19/2001

Baltimore has no shortage of places offering the ever-bankable entertainment twosome of watery drinks and gyrating genitalia. But only one flesh-happy venue offers these pleasures in a genuinely historical setting. The Two O'Clock Club made über-stripper Blaze Starr famous back in the '50s. (No relation to the sexless Kenneth Starr, we assure you.) Lady Blaze owns the place today, and while you probably won't see her there, she still runs a tight ship. (The last time we perused liquor-board records, they indicated that the Clock is one of the cleanest, most aboveboard, and by-the-book joints on the Block.) When we last saddled down there for a tipple 'n' tease, everyone was exceedingly friendly and polite. When we expressed an interest in Starr's stripping days, one of the employees even led us on a tour of the dressing rooms, where several framed pictures of glory-days Blaze hang. (No, we didn't see anything else hanging back there; the ladies get naked onstage.) So come for the boobs and buns and stay for the heritage. And when you stumble home in the wee hours, you can tell your significant other you weren't pounding Dewars and stuffing the rent money between some dancing gal's undulating bosoms. You were--ahem--having an enriching cultural experience in one of Baltimore's most historic and iconic establishments. It's worth a try, anyway.

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