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Eats and Drinks

Best Diner

Sip and Bite

2200 Boston St., (410) 675-7077

Posted 9/17/2003

Diners evolved as part of the American landscape to fill a natural purpose: providing quick, filling, and above all inexpensive fare for Joe (and Jane) Worker as they labored 'round the clock on or in the nation's ports, factories, and highways. Sadly this noble mission seems co-opted by some sick nostalgia for a time and place that never was, embodied in super-shiny chrome, neon jukeboxes, and other "nifty '50s" memorabilia and $8 hamburgers. Real diners are Hopper's "Nighthawks"; faux diners are that moronic "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" revisioning where Elvis is behind the counter serving James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and Humphrey Bogart.

Happily, the Sip and Bite remains what it's always been--a diner in the truest sense of the word, where good, filling, and cheap chow is available any time of day or night. Breakfast is 'round-the-clock classic, with extra-tasty hash browns, and don't miss the meat loaf.

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