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Eats and Drinks

Best Chinese Restaurant

Chinatown Café

323 Park Ave., (410) 727-5599

Posted 9/17/2003

While there are a gajillion Chinese restaurants in Baltimore that dish out the sort of generic, gloppy comfort food that most people only ever eat out of paper cartons, the options for local Chinese cuisine worth savoring--on an actual plate even--have always been limited, to say the least. Thank God, then, for Chinatown Café. This no-frills midtown storefront isn't likely to dazzle you with its atmosphere, but the bubbling fish tanks in the entrance way are a Good Sign, and the food bears that out. For the past year or two, Chinatown Café has brought superior quality and a host of new twists and specialties to Charm City's Asian dining options: The dim sum menu is likely the area's finest, its Hong Kong-style preparations offer a unique wrinkle we rarely see in Chinese restaurants in any U.S. city, and its takes on the old Cantonese favorites outstrip any strip-mall carry-out you'd care to name. We'd like even more good Chinese restaurants around town, but we're not greedy, and, believe us, we're not complaining.

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