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Best Italian Restaurant


306 S. High St., (410) 727-0700

Posted 9/17/2003

Pretty much extraordinary, and, before we get all crazy talking about the food, we want you to know that the place is drop-dead gorgeous, with room upon room, in what had been adjoining Little Italy rowhouses, gleaming with the handcrafted woodwork and cabinetry of chef/owner Aldo Vitale. Their overwhelming effect is to make you both want to fall in love with someone you can take there and to curse the days you dozed off in wood shop. It's so nice, too, to see the obvious pride the superb and opposite-of-haughty staff takes in the restaurant. As for the food, it's solid, man. Crafted by Vitale from local, organic, and seasonal ingredients (we know, but this time it's true), all of which are allowed to speak for themselves. True, sometimes the ingredients are not so local: buffalo mozzarella is flown in twice a week from Campania in Southern Italy for a perfect caprese, and Hudson Valley foie gras elevates Aldo's tournedos Rossini (which you wouldn't think could be improved on much) to something approaching restaurant heaven. Look, we actually do like the warm and homey pasta houses in Little Italy. Aldo's is painting with a different palate, though, and you need to go see what's happening behind the columns on High Street.

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