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Best Thai Restaurant

Thai Restaurant

3316 Greenmount Ave., (410) 889-6002

Posted 9/17/2003

There's no shortage of good Thai food in Baltimore, whether we're looking for something fancy like Ten-O-Six or something cheap and hearty like Thairish. But when we want Thai dishes that will satisfy both our palate and our wallet, we head to Thai Restaurant on Greenmount Avenue. The prices are affordable--entrées generally range from $8.95 to $14.95--and the quality of both the food and the ambiance is high enough to impress a date or mark a special occasion. We love their specialty appetizers like the tod man pla, deep-fried minced fish and shrimp perfectly complemented by a light cucumber sauce, and the Thai tuna salad, which is large, pleasantly spicy, and filled with such a variety of flavors it could be a meal in itself. For entrées, there are so many to choose from that we can't pick favorites. And the curry and stir-fry dishes come with your choice of squid, mussels, scallops, shrimp, duck, chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, or tofu, allowing for endless variations that keep us coming back for more.

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