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Best Park

Druid Hill Park

2600 Madison Ave., (410) 396-6106

Posted 9/20/2006

We have found ourselves wandering into Druid Hill Park via so many different ways and for so many different reasons--a stroll around the lake, a trip to the zoo, a walk from a friend's house that wound up in the woods, showing an out-of-towner Safety?City--that we've started to think of it as a sort of magical place. (A recent refurbishment and the fact that no dead bodies have magically appeared there in a while help.) We don't play tennis, but we know folks who love the courts (see "Best Place to Play Tennis"), and any given weekend in the warm weather months brings out all kinds of social scenes. Regardless, it's a sylvan oasis in the heart of the city that seems to finally be getting a bit of the civic love it deserves, and we can get behind that.

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