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Best Free Pool Where You Can't Play

Dougherty's Irish Pub

Frank Klein

223 W. Chase St., (410) 752-4059

Posted 9/20/2006

While we're sure it's fun for pool pros and division-whatever-the-fuck winners to kick amateur ass, we're not loving it, Dougherty's. We come to your bar on Sunday nights to play some free pool, dammit, and last time we managed to play two games in two hours, each time having our asses served to us by some real sharp shooters. So how about we strike up a deal? You tell your pool-shark buddies to stick to one table, while us amateurs get the other. The trade -off? We promise we'll stop making brawl-provoking jokes. You know, the ones about what it really means when guys try to intimidate us with their big sticks.

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All Awards for Dougherty''s Irish Pub:

Best Bar Where White and Black Baltimore Drink Together, 9/21/2005

Best Bar, Mount Vernon/Midtown, 9/17/2003

Best Pool Hall, 9/13/2000

Best Bread Pudding, 9/13/2000

Best Veggie Burger, 9/17/1997

Best Bar, Mount Vernon, 9/17/1997

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