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Best Local TV Reporter

Jayne Miller

WBAL (Channel 11)

Posted 9/20/2006

Considering the huge budgets, helicopters, and mad-ass salaries involved, TV news is mostly lame. But amid the endless fires, shootings, and fluff, every so often you see a real story in there--something that actually matters that you didn't already know. Jayne Miller gets more of those stories than any other TV reporter in town, and everyone knows it. Lately she's been examining Baltimore City's crime statistics, poking holes in the mayor's dubious claims about a "leading the nation" crime reduction. On Aug. 3, for example, Miller and her team analyzed hospital discharge data to show that the mayor inflated the city's reduction in violent crime--particularly nonfatal shootings. This was real spade work, and complicated data, fairly and clearly presented. We wish we'd done it.

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