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Goods and Services

Best Thrift Store

Value Village

5406 Ritchie Highway, Brooklyn Park, (410) 789-3136

Posted 9/20/2006

We've come to appreciate the smell of a thrift store. It's kind of like how your hand smells after holding the metal support handles on the bus. Value Village in Brooklyn Park has this smell in abundance. But we don't like VV for what it does to our olfactory glands. Nor do we like it for the rude, sometimes disturbing employees. We like it because of its enormous selection. The place is Wal-Mart-sized and people know about it. They come from the city and Anne Arundel County, and they bring their old stuff here by the carload. It's not the kind of place you'll find leftover J. Crew or Gap gear, but you can pick up functional apparel, tapestries, housewares, kids' clothes, and cameras, and it possesses the longest aisle of tighty whiteys this side of the Mississippi to boot.

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