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Best Cab Company

Baltimore Taxi

Sam Holden

(410) 732-1600

Posted 9/20/2006

Let's face it, when it comes to public transportation, Baltimore ain't Manhattan. Any carless wonder knows that calling a taxi in Baltimore is a gamble. Place the call, and your cab could arrive in five minutes, 35 minutes, or never, depending on what must be a variety of irregular circumstances we've yet to figure out. So evaluating cabs by their likeliness to show up proved to be a full-out failure, seeing as each cab company stood us up at least once. Baltimore Taxi, however, has kinder dispatchers, cleaner cabs, and what seem to be (though we haven't ridden in every cab) honest drivers. And while you should always know your taxi rates, and be on the look out for cabbie con men, one thing makes the not-Manhattan thing positive: Baltimore Taxi's drivers are a hell of a lot nicer than most.

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