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Arts and Entertainment

Best Strip Joint

Christina's Female Revue

Uli Loskot

4508 North Point Blvd., Dundalk, (410) 477-1405

Posted 9/20/2006

We don't know what you find sexy, but we don't exactly fancy some floozy shoving her you-know-what in our faces while we pay exorbitant amounts of money for cheap champagne and listen to irritating songs by crock stars like K-Fed or Ja Rule. When we head out to a strip joint, we just want to see some boobies, people, maybe pick up a few dance moves, maybe get a little drunk, maybe spend a few too many dollars. So forgive us for pointing it out, but most city strip clubs can suck it. "Off to the county," we cry, where we can see girls without surgical enhancements sensually shaking it in county-required thongs and nipple-coverage. We're not total prudes. We'll take a side of sleaze just like the next guy. Enter Christina's patented booby-bill-pickup, in which a lovely lady uses her breasts to remove her tip from your hand, or, er, mouth. So, when in search of naked chicks, consider Christina's--because nothing's more charming than glittery nipple paint and a neon G-string.

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