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Best Jukebox


1132 S. Hanover St., (410) 547-7415

Posted 9/17/2003

Who knew that a jukebox could cause folks to be better neighbors? While there aren't many left, several bars around town nearly live up to the Baltimore ideal of pubs where folks of all sorts drink cheap Natty Boh and watch O's games in perfect harmony. But most of them don't have great jukeboxes. Mum's does, one featuring a wide selection of newish and classic rock, soul, hip-hop, punk, country, metal, and reggae. And this small South Baltimore bar's mixed clientele makes certain that none of those genre's worst extremes get played. The bar serves as home base for a few rugby teams, whose members stick with the Bob Marley and stay away from the Dave Matthews Band. Similarly, the neighborhood's blue-collar types know better than to piss off the leather jacket-wearing rockabilly kids with contemporary country (and vice versa). And when some Def Leppard is spun, it's usually been done so honestly, not by some ironical Strokes-haired hipster.

Mum's also has live music on weekends, free pool on Tuesdays, and a good beer selection, and, of course, they shut down the jukebox while the O's are on. That's what we call neighborly.

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All Awards for Mum''s:

Best Bar, Federal Hill/South Baltimore, 9/15/1999

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