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Best Liquor Store

Wells Discount Liquors

6310 York Road, (410) 435-2700

Posted 9/17/2003

If there's one thing we know, it's booze. But the guys at Wells make us look like a bunch of lace-wearing teetotalers with temperance sashes across our chests. They're all about the alcohol, and their York Road digs are cavernous, all the better to store the brands of wine, liquor, and beer from around the world that literally number in the hundreds. French wines alone merit their own appropriately cavelike room, but these guys are no snobs. The uniformed staffers--some of whom troll the aisles looking for overwhelmed-looking shoppers--are just as happy to help you sort through the vagaries of a Chave Hermitage Rouge ($150 thankyouverymuch) as they are to tell you where you can get a jug of Woodbridge Chardonnay to help you make it through the night ($9.95). Staffers are voluminous in their knowledge, there's always one close to hand if you have a question, and don't be surprised if one shows up at the counter to sack your order while you're being rung up. But if the service weren't enough, you should also know that the prices at Wells are 3quite possibly the best in town--but we're basing that on the price of the Chardonnay jug, not the Chave Hermitage Rouge.

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