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Best Adult Store

Big Top

429 E. Baltimore St., (410) 547-2495

Posted 9/17/2003

You vanilla-flavored, secretly smutty types may like the clean and sanitized world of chain adult stores. You know the ones--they have bright fluorescent lighting and squeaky-clean help who act like you're buying a T-shirt at the Gap, not asking how you properly fasten the nipple clamps. Sure, sure, sex is not dirty and there's no reason to be ashamed. But what if you like it dirty? What if you want to feel slightly ashamed? What if you want to feel that pulse-pounding scarlet-faced blush of being seen entering one of those stores? Never fear, Pervert Nation, we have the store for you.

The Big Top has the acrid disinfectant smell, the severely unfriendly sales staff, and the ambiance to make you feel like the world's dirtiest birdy. The décor is best described as Soviet smut shop: dismal gray walls and a menacing plastic-sheeted-off area. Apparently there's renovation going on, but that sheeting has been there a long, long time. That's OK with us, though. It just adds to the general sense of menace and decay. Although they play dirty movies in the peep shows, even we are too embarrassed to venture upstairs. And if you ever see us in there, we're, uh, looking for educational materials. Just like the sign on the front counter says.

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