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Best Place to Make Fun of Stressed-Out PreMeds

Milton S. Eisenhower Library at Johns Hopkins University

3400 N. Charles St., (410) 516-8335,

Posted 9/19/2007

Ah, college--the time for experimentation, rowdy parties, and late-night hookups, right? Not at Johns Hopkins, where the undergrads are high-strung, overworked, socially awkward, and . . . premed. So it's no surprise that the most bustling spot on campus is the MSE Library, infiltrated by these sleep-deprived future doctors of America. Come by on nights before an organic chemistry test and witness the neurotic masses of hunched bodies, jittery from exam anxiety and way too much Red Bull. Don't expect any free desk space, because every spot will be occupied by a pair of baggy eyes and a textbook. Even in summer, the premeds, highly territorial creatures, can be seen at MSE growling over their MCAT books, fiercely safeguarding the prime studying spots. They even use the place to nap. So cheer them on or tease them for their cutthroat rep, because no matter what, they will always be there

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