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Best Restaurant for Vegetarians

One World Café

100 W. University Parkway, (410) 235-5777,

Posted 9/19/2007

One World Café has scored major points with us in the last few years for not resting on its laurels as more and more vegetarian-oriented eateries have sprung up around town, but rather evolving into a first-class café that would stand out even if it were teleported into a larger, more progressive city. The soups have floored us of late (particularly the curries, when available), but it's some of the blandest-sounding offerings, like the organic tofu club (packed tight with greens and tempeh "bacon") and rotating, ever-inventive burgers of the day, that continue to take us by surprise with their freshness and complex, unexpected flavors. One World has also emerged as one of our favorite spots for brunch; it took us several dozen helpings of the blue-corn pancakes with blueberries before we even considered moving on to something else. One qualm: We wish One World would take the lead and phase out smoking at the bar before the ban takes effect--it's a vegetarian restaurant, fer Christ's sake!

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Other Awards for Best Restaurant for Vegetarians:

Mr. Chan's, 9/16/2009

Golden West Café, 9/17/2008

The Yabba Pot, 9/20/2006

The Yabba Pot, 9/21/2005

The Helmand, 9/22/2004

Mango Grove, 9/17/2003

Mr. Chan Szechuan Restaurant, 9/18/2002

The Helmand, 9/13/2000

The Helmand, 9/15/1999

The Helmand, 9/18/1996

All Awards for One World Café:

Best Bloody Mary, 9/22/2004

Best Restaurant for Those Who Like Grain With Their Grains, 9/17/2003

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