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Best Form Over Function

Charm City Cakes

2936 Remington Ave., (410) 235-9229,

Posted 9/19/2007

There's no denying that the carefully sculpted confections of Charm City Cakes are beautiful. Actually, they're more than that--they're daring, vibrant works of art, custom-made to charm any whim, no matter how formidable or bizarre. Name anything you want, from an elegant cake of broccoli and flowers, to a cake modeled after a Quidditch field, to an elaborate design that looks exactly like your pet dog. But beauty and presentation come with a price, and in this case, you'll pay with both your taste buds and your wallet. What's the point of buying a $500-plus cake if you'll feel guilty about consuming it? And fondant might be great for sculpting elaborate designs, but it's at best flavorless. An ordinary chocolate lump you've proudly baked yourself can just as easily satiate a desperate, price-conscious sweet tooth. Next time you crave a fancy cake, ask yourself what you value more--form or function?

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All Awards for Charm City Cakes:

Best Cakes, 9/17/2003

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