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Best Sno-ball

Opie's Soft-Serve and Snowballs

1603 Edmondson Ave., Catonsville, (410) 744-5040,

Posted 9/19/2007

The recipe for a sno-ball is about as basic as can be--some crushed ice, some flavored syrup. Serve it up in a cone or a cup or a bowl, and you're done. But we appreciate the heights to which Opie's in Catonsville has aspired with its sno-ball creations. Where some sno-ball stands serve only the basic fruit flavors--red, green, blue, and orange--or maybe throw in a crazy egg-custard or chocolate for the adventurous, Opie's offers a whopping 39 flavors of sno-ball goodness. (Some of which, admittedly, sound appalling--the red wine cooler sno-ball, for instance.) We love the watermelon, the kiwi, the root beer, and the blood orange flavors. And we were surprised to find that we also enjoy the less-obvious ones, such as the cinnamon, the refreshing peppermint, the chocolate with marshmallow topping, and the blue cotton candy. We can't wait to visit again because next time we plan to try the strawberry cheesecake or maybe the ice cream. Who knew sno-balls could be so satisfyingly diverse and delicious?

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