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Best Wi-Fi Café


1407 Fleet St., (410) 276-1180,

Posted 9/19/2007

Man, we're clickety-clickety-clickety on the keyboard here. We get our stuff done. The internet juice is strong at Bluehouse; it's like we're surfing from tree to tree up in the canopy of a beautiful unspoiled rain forest. Maybe it's the fair-trade coffee that makes us feel like that. The caf?© part of Harbor East's eco-friendly home store serves up fresh salads and tasty snacks like empanadas to sustain users through the long spells they tend to hang out there. Usually there are enough tables to accommodate everyone and their laptops, but only the tables near the wall have access to outlets. Something about Bluehouse's clean environment, those healthy floors and walls, we're convinced, is good for concentration, because we're on fire at Bluehouse.

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