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Best Nachos

Carolina's Tex-Mex

505 S. Broadway, (410) 276-0711

Posted 9/19/2007

The thing is, nachos aren't a traditional Latin American or even Mexican dish. They're Tex-Mex, anecdotally created by an enterprising restaurateur on the Texas-Mexico border. As such, for good, solid nachos, you don't go the "authentic" kitchen route--and you don't go to a sports bar/pub, where "nachos" means any pile of chips covered in effluvious crap such as black olives and topped with cheese that rests in a fluid form at room temperature. No, just mosey on over to Carolina's Tex-Mex for nachos done simply and beautifully right. A circle of tortilla chips, each individually topped with some refried beans, ground beef (never chicken), melted Monterey Jack cheese, and a thick wedge of sliced fresh jalapeño sitting astride each chip like a dare. Some sour cream and pico de gallo rests in the center of the plate, but nachos this flawless don't need such accouterments.

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