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Best Crab Cake

Duda's Tavern

1600 Thames St., (410) 276-9719

Posted 9/19/2007

Some places pretty up their crab cakes, serving them on beds of delicately wilted baby greens and sprinkling them with herbs and spices and sprigs of parsley. But anyone who knows crab cakes knows that greens and fancy garnishes do not make crab cakes sinfully delicious and satisfying. For that, all you need are big hunks of fresh crabmeat, mixed with just a bit of egg-based breadcrumb batter, and fried or broiled till the outside is just crispy enough to hold it all together. Which is why we love the crab cakes served at the unassuming Duda's Tavern in Fells Point--there's a little bit of crunch on the outside and a lot of sweet delicious crab on the inside. Nothing in the cake competes with the delicate flavor and light texture of crab--the other ingredients exist just to coax the right amount of flavors out of the meat. And you really don't need all those gourmet sides--Duda's serves its cakes with saltine crackers, a roll, some coleslaw, or fries. Really, when you've got the perfect crab cake in front of you, everything else on your plate just pales in comparison anyway.

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All Awards for Duda''s Tavern:

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