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Best Bartender

Adam Thomas

Frank Hamilton

Dionysus, 8 E. Preston St., (410) 244-1020

Posted 9/19/2007

Usually a matter of convenience, sometimes your local bar also happens to be a great bar, with an equally great bartender. When Adam Thomas, who's put in years of time behind local bars ranging from the Ottobar to the Rendezvous, got sidelined with an injury in 2006, Mount Vernon restaurant and bar Dionysus actually kept his position open, shuffling the schedule around until he could return. It's easy to see why they would wait if you visit on a Friday or Saturday night. No matter how crowded or rowdy it gets downstairs, Thomas is unflappably on his game, quick with your order while offering an honest appraisal of a new beer, playing impromptu DJ, shaking hands and offering hugs to longtime customers, telling bad jokes, or listening to your gripes, all with a permanent smile than never feels forced. Thomas may be the friendliest bartender in the city, whether you've just walked in for the first time or have taken out a lease on one of the barstools. And even more than the consummate professionalism, it's that endlessly welcoming personality that makes him the best bartender in Baltimore.

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