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Best Neighborhood Bar

Charles Village Pub

3107 St. Paul St., (410) 243-1611

Posted 9/19/2007

In a world where everything from burgers to hardware to coffee is increasingly being provided by megachain superstores, rather than homegrown local joints, we take great comfort in the notion of the neighborhood bar. The kind of place where you can feel completely at ease, whether you're stopping in for a drink while doing your laundry, after getting done with work, or on your way home from a bad date. The kind of place with an anything-goes dress code--you're as welcome wearing a baseball cap and workout clothes as you are if you're wearing your office duds. The kind of place where the bartenders are friendly enough but not creepy, the décor is maybe a bit faded but not falling down, and happy hour is busy but not mobbed with newbies. The kind of place like the Charles Village Pub--a place where the bar stools and booths may be a little worn, the air may be a little (OK, a lot) smoky, and the vibe is decidedly easygoing. It's not fancy or fashionable, but as places like Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, and Chipotle creep into the Charles Village retail strip and replace the unique with the universally well-known, we've come to appreciate CVP all the more for what it is.

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Other Awards for Best Neighborhood Bar:

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O'Hara's Irish Pub, 9/20/2006

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All Awards for Charles Village Pub:

Best Bloody Mary, 9/18/1996

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