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Best Wannabe Scenester Bar

The Ottobar

Frank Hamilton

2549 N. Howard St., (410) 662-0069,

Posted 9/19/2007

The shit is still a scene, for real, we just don't know exactly when it became a Wikipedia entry on the state of Baltimore hipness. You've got your rockabilly kids with Bettie Page bangs and fishnets, dudes with neck beards, boho types in Forever 21 dresses and unwashed hair, emorexics (you know, the guys buying Baked Lays and sugar-free Red Bull at the Royal Farm on the way to a gig), ladies with giant back tattoos, tough guys with mohawks, punks, postpunks, post/post/post punks, glamour boys, glamour old men, and the douche with the neck bandanna. We aren't being fair, right? What's fashion got to do with rock 'n' roll? Exactly. Point is, the baby hipsters and the aging hipsters are all wannabe scenesters, and the Ottobar is where they drink.

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Other Awards for Best Wannabe Scenester Bar:

Sonar, 9/20/2006

All Awards for The Ottobar:

Best Rock Club, 9/17/2008

Best Drunken Hookup Bar, 9/19/2007

Best Live Music Club, 9/22/2004

Best Jukebox, 9/22/2004

Best Rock Club, 9/17/2003

Best Rock Club, 9/13/2000

Best Rock Club, 9/15/1999

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