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Best Hip-Hop DJ

Vicious V

Posted 9/19/2007

While most hip-hop DJs these days, in Baltimore or elsewhere, don't consider their vocation as any calling higher than cuing up a playlist on their Serato and trying to keep the crowd happy, DJ Vicious V is a proud remnant of another generation that regarded DJing as a competitive art form. Putting wack DJs to shame with his showmanship and intricate scratch techniques that he has been practicing since the early 1980s, no one does it like the man born Vincent Curtis anymore--which is why we still need him around. And in the past year, V has continued to branch out beyond being a mere DJ, forming his own record pool to service other DJs, and hosting his biweekly radio program, Get It Off Your Chest With Vicious V, Saturdays on Morgan State's WEAA (88.9 FM).

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