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Best Jukebox

Haven Place

Uli Loskot

400 N. Haven St., (410) 276-9420

Posted 9/19/2007

There are two things one should look for in a great jukebox. One is a solid selection of songs you love, and the other is an equally solid selection of awesomely bad songs you love to hear when you're wasted. Both are found in the almost antique green neon Rowe at the Haven Place. But there's more: You don't even have to punch in the songs yourself, no sir. A nude, or at least seminude, Baltimore babe makes laps around the bar every hour or so with a white plastic cup in which you insert your "jukebox donation." If you contribute, you're free to make a request. Too drunk to search for "Lay Me Down"? Just gonna die if you can't watch someone undress to Jethro Tull? Well, sailor, put your dollar in the cup, refrain from requesting "I'm in Love With a Stripper," and remember to tip the dancer who so kindly danced to "Cadillac Pussy" for you.

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