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Best Karaoke

Hip-Hop Karaoke at Latin Palace

509 S. Broadway, (410) 522-6700,

Posted 9/19/2007

Sure, eliminating the need to sing on-key takes away much of the challenge--and potential for embarrassment--out of karaoke. But the sheer words-per-minute rush of rap music is so difficult that hip-hop karaoke, which DJ Spontaneous and Music Monthly editor Kelly Connelly introduced to Baltimore late last year, presents just as much potential for displays of skill as well as it does for entertaining train wrecks. And after a monthly run at the New Turntable Club and, more recently, a Tuesday night residency at the Latin Palace, it's catching on, and you might even see your favorite local MC humbly step up to recite his or her favorite golden-era classic along with the flow-challenged fans.

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