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Theatre Project

45 W. Preston St., (410) 752-8558,

Posted 9/19/2007

Technically, it's not a theater--it's a project. But for decades, it has managed to keep Baltimore at the cutting edge of American theater. This year, Theatre Project turned 40, so it deserves a little recognition for that, but it's not showing its age. The year has featured a number of stellar performers from Baltimore, Bulgaria, Manhattan, South Africa, and elsewhere. Theatre Project also has opened its doors to promising young companies. such as Run of the Mill and Single Carrot, which recently came to Baltimore from Colorado. The list goes on. Expedition 6, a work in progress masterminded by Bill Pullman, featured actors on trapeze. Touchstone Theatre offered animated puppets. Missoula Oblongata offered the audience cake. In Bonhoeffer, we listened to a philosopher limn the morality of resistance. In Siddown, a husband-wife vaudeville team engaged in a kabuki sword fight. In Self at Hand, we watched a form of low-grade brain surgery onstage. It's really tough to classify Theatre Project, but it's even harder wondering where we would be without it.

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All Awards for Theatre Project:

Best Live Theater, 9/17/2003

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