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Riding the Waves

City Paper's 2007 Best of Baltimore

Kevin Sherry

Posted 9/19/2007

It's been a tumultuous 12 months in Baltimore City. Since last we chose the best of our fair city, Martin O'Malley left City Hall for the State House, Sheila Dixon went from shoe waver to mayor, the murder rate went through the roof, our police commissioner resigned, and a primary election promised a chance for change and then failed to deliver. Not to mention the BGE rate hike going into effect and the chain-store-and-condo-ification of our town, while the housing market sunk like a beer bottle thrown into the harbor. Hmmm, not much to celebrate there--not unless you were really, really glad to see the back of O'Malley. But the truth of the matter is, while crime and a ceaseless dedication to the political status quo is disheartening, to say the least, there are still a lot of things we love about this tough nut of a city.

We love when people come to visit and marvel at how many great places there are to eat in a town they assumed would just be littered with bullet casings. We love that the local arts community continues to grow and change in ways we never imagined. We love that there are finally great places to shop in the city--no more schlepping to D.C. or the county. And we love that, despite everything, there are still people in this town who inspire us and give us some real hope for the future. So we've filled these pages with things that make us proud to be Baltimoreans--and OK maybe a few things that drive us absolutely nuts--because at times like these we could all use a reminder of what makes this city maybe not "The Greatest City in America" but a place we're happy to call home.

City Paper's 2007 Best of Baltimore issue was written by Rebecca Alvania, John Barry, Tom Chalkley, Charles Cohen, Anna Ditkoff, Edward Ericson Jr., Neil Ferguson, Michael Fila, Lee Gardner, Michelle Gienow, Violet Glaze, Richard Gorelick, Jess Harvell, Eric Allen Hatch, Katherine Hill, Tim Hill, Anny Hoge, Anne Howard, Jaye Hunnie, Lianna Kissinger- Virizlay, Jessica Kuo, Chris Landers, Laura Laing, Randy Leonard, Rebekah Lin, Uli Loskot, Joe MacLeod, Bret McCabe, David Morley, Christopher Myers, Summer Patton, Al Shipley, Christopher Skokna, Van Smith, Jefferson Jackson Steele, Erin Sullivan, Wendy Ward, and Jeanette Weinberg. Research assistants Katherine Hill, Anny Hoge, Tamara Neff, and Lauren Svrjcek checked the facts and wrangled the Readers Poll. Interns Christina Bumba, Joseph Iarossi, Becki Lee, and Marquel Melton did, too (and they got academic credit). The lovely photographs come courtesy John Ellsberry, Michelle Gienow, Frank Hamilton, Sam Holden, Frank Klein, Uli Loskot, Christopher Myers, Michael Northrup, RaRah, Jefferson Jackson Steele, and the City Paper Digi-CamT. Cover and section-opener illustrations by Kevin Sherry. Special thanks to MC Fak'emout.

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