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Dining Winners

Best Diner

Broadway Diner

6501 Eastern Ave., (410) 631-5666,

Posted 9/17/2008

Diners tend to get blurred together in our clouded mind, with one 100-page menu flowing into another into another into another. What makes Broadway Diner--which is way out on Eastern Avenue, not in Fells Point, despite what it's name might suggest--stand out among these purveyors of meat loaf, moussaka, and marble-lined bathrooms is something approaching care. That meat loaf has honest-to-gosh seasoning in it and is piled up like fancy "tall food." Sure, that trend is so last year, but someone back in the kitchen bothered to stack it like that. And the steamed vegetables that come with probably aren't straight from the farmers market, but they might be, because they sure taste good and aren't an overcooked mush. Plus, the management and waitstaff all seem on their game, and that marble-lined bathroom is pretty darn clean.

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Other Awards for Best Diner:

Broadway Diner, 9/16/2009

Forest Diner, 9/19/2007

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Sip and Bite, 9/18/2002

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Rallo's Restaurant, 9/13/2000

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All Awards for Broadway Diner:

Best Diner, 9/16/2009

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