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Goods and Services Winners

Best Place to Buy Alcohol On Sundays

Fells Point Liquor and Bar

1709 Fleet St., (410) 522-7275

Posted 9/17/2008

In Baltimore, if you don't have beer for the football game or wine for dinner on a Sunday, procuring it can be an event. If you find a bar that does offer carry-out, you'll wind up paying inflated prices anyway. Fortunately, the City That Drinks has Fells Point Liquors to come to the rescue. It's well-stocked and open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m., and you can purchase your poison of choice for a reasonable price no matter the day. The tiny and brightly lit eight-stool bar tucked in the back makes it nice and legal to provide us our sauce on the Sabbath. So, have a cocktail and peruse the booze no matter what day of the week you're feeling thirsty.

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All Awards for Fells Point Liquor and Bar:

Best Place to Buy Beer on Sunday, 9/21/2005

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