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Arts and Entertainment Winners

Best Club Music Producer

Say Wut


Posted 9/17/2008

You might need to hear him drop his stuttering "s-s-s-Say Wuuut" signature into a track before you recognize one of his songs in a DJ mix, but if you've been listening to contemporary club music at all in the past three or four years, you already know his sound: rubbery synth horns, hammering drums, and a fuller, more aggressive mix than the somewhat thin, spacey minimalism that's plagued too much recent, post-breakbeat Baltimore club. And between his DJ album Crank It! and the Unruly Records digital EPs Beats Extraordinaire and It's Go Time, Say Wut just keeps on churning out new tracks, with increasingly inventive variations on that sound, fortunately more often without the constant Lil Jon samples that used to be one of his less welcome trademarks.

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Other Awards for Best Club Music Producer:

DJ Class, 9/16/2009

King Tutt, 9/19/2007

Debonair Samir, 9/20/2006

Blaq Starr, 9/21/2005

Rod Lee, 9/17/2003

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