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Best Do-Gooder



Posted 9/16/2009

Local MC Ogun has been a City Paper favorite son for years, thanks to his feral live show, lithe flow, and always thoughtful rhymes. Recently, though, the man who released CDs on his Real on Purpose label imprint started keeping shit very, very real: Under his government name, Kevin Beasley, he visits Maryland correctional facilities during the week to teach classes, helping inmates prepare to return to the outside world. It's the sort of vital work men need, addressing everything from being aware of social behavior and body language to being more mindful about the choices they make once returning to their homes, neighborhoods, and, well, a city and American culture that isn't going to be looking out for their best interests.

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Other Awards for Best Do-Gooder:

Chris Delaporte, The Park Advocate, 9/17/2008

Joan Floyd, 9/19/2007

David Miller, Chief Visionary Officer, Urban Leadership Institute, 9/20/2006

All Awards for Ogun:

Best Male MC, 9/17/2008

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