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Best Yoga Studio

Charm City Yoga

Various locations,

Posted 9/16/2009

Don't be put off by the trend, or the goofballs you see walking around with yoga pants saying "namaste" all the time. Yoga is damn good exercise, and if you give it a chance, you just might get rid of a nagging backache, a stiff neck, or even insomnia. You don't have to believe in chakras or reincarnation or anything, really, except the idea that periodically you need to give your body and mind a little attention. The place we like to do that is Charm City Yoga, where beginners can find a class that's just the right speed, from slow and gentle to fast and furious. A variety of patient, knowledgeable instructors are available, who won't let you do anything that hurts, but will show you everything that helps get your body fit. Charm City Yoga is now spread out over four locations, which basically means you're surrounded by yoga, no escape. Namaste.

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Other Awards for Best Yoga Studio:

Charm City Yoga, 9/17/2008

Charm City Yoga, 9/19/2007

Charm City Yoga, 9/20/2006

Midtown Yoga, 9/21/2005

Midtown Yoga, 9/22/2004

All Awards for Charm City Yoga:

Best Yoga Studio, 9/17/2008

Best Yoga Studio, 9/19/2007

Best Yoga Studio, 9/20/2006

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