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Arts and Entertainment Winners

Best Hip-Hop DJ

DJ Jay Claxton

Posted 9/16/2009

As 92Q's mix-show director and DJ during the crucial 5 o'clock rush hour, Jay Claxton has always had the ability to break records in Baltimore. But in the past year he's used that power to break records from Baltimore more than ever, making Smash's "Too Much For Me" and 100 Grandman's "Wet Wet" into regional hits, helping launch DJ Class's "I'm the Ish" beyond the club-music audience, and hosting Bossman's A.T.M. mixtape. Sure, he has some pretty lame nicknames--"Mr. This is What I Do," seriously?--and the habit of inexplicably playing duds like Jay-Z's "Hollywood," off 2006's unloved Kingdom Come, way past their expiration date, but you can't doubt his influence in local hip-hop.

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Other Awards for Best Hip-Hop DJ:

P-Funk, 9/17/2008

Vicious V, 9/19/2007

DNA, 9/20/2006

DJ Spontaneous, 9/21/2005

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