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Arts and Entertainment Winners

Best Local Radio Show

In the Mood with Ken Jackson, WYPR-FM (88.1)

Posted 9/16/2009

Every Friday night at 9 p.m., Charm City residents have a free ticket to travel back in time to the era of ladies with an attitude and fellas that were in the mood. The ship's captain: Ken Jackson. Through his weekly radio show, Jackson spins yarns and "songs from the big bands and more," casting a spell upon his wistful listeners that weaves the old with the new and, like a cool evening rain, leaves the blinking Baltimore landscape glistening in a different light. He is not merely a connoisseur of master players and composers, but has an expertise of tone and quality that transcends both time and genre. Take the journey one Friday night and sway in waves of sepia and brass under the stars.

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Other Awards for Best Local Radio Show:

Polka Hop, WTMD (89.7 FM), 9/17/2003

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