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Arts and Entertainment Winners

Best Actress

Genevieve de Mahy

Posted 9/16/2009

Single Carrot's Genevieve de Mahy, a petite actress with dinner-plate eyes, first grabbed our attention when she played multiple roles in a 2008 production of Richard III. Only her Queen Margaret was fully formed, but the play offered a quick-hit glance at the local stage troupe's talent stock. De Mahy really came alive this year, though, especially in her portrayal of two different versions of young innocence. In Killer Joe, her 20-year-old Dottie becomes the bargaining chip in a family's dangerous plot with a crooked cop, while in Slampooned her Lydia is bundle of sexual tension hidden beneath a quirky behavioral armor. De Mahy never resorts to feckless clichés in bringing these young women to life, instead finding extensions of their personalities in subtle body language, tilts of the head, and modulated inflections of voice. And neither woman is as blankly innocent as initially presumed.

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